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The first UV-curable coatings

DSM designed the first UV-curable coatings more than 40 years ago, making mass fiber production possible. Today, DSM is the only fiber coatings supplier in the world actively developing next-generation coating systems, DeSolite® Supercoatings, to address the industry’s most advanced network performance requirements.

Fiber coated with a DeSolite® Supercoatings system provides high quality performance including low micro-bending attenuation, excellent field performance, and design flexibility.

Fiber coatings have two very important functions:

Allow fiber and cable manufacturers to physically work with very delicate strands of glass fiber, approximately the size of a human hair.

Allow fiber to carry signal at a tremendous rate of speed with as little interruption or distortion as possible.


Intellectual Property Protection

Date issued: February 12, 2013

DSM Functional Materials has made significant innovation investments to advance the telecommunications industry globally. To protect such proprietary assets, DSM Functional Materials will not only vigorously defend its intellectual property rights but actively pursue all legal means to enforce against these illegal activities.

“DSM is confident in the strength of its patent portfolio. Our business has always been focused on bringing new and innovative products to our customers and the telecommunications industry. Developing and protecting intellectual property is a key component of our strategy to support our significant investments.” Rob Crowell, President DSM Functional Materials.

DSM Functional Materials: Locations

With operations around the world, state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities, and an established global network you can build stronger fiber optic solutions with us from just about anywhere.

DSM Functional Materials also belongs to the larger DSM family — a world leader in creating innovative products and services in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences with more than 200 sites in more than 49 countries throughout the world.

DSM’s global production network means security of supply for our customers, along with the assurance that we are engineered for the highest levels of manufacturing flexibility, quality and efficiency.

DSM Functional Materials has four dedicated locations in United States, the Netherlands, China and Japan delivering security of supply and global support to our customers.

Industry associations

We are active participants in key associations within the telecommunications field. This includes government organizations and industry associations.

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